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Having worked with some of the largest Wi-Fi providers, hotel chains, shopping centres, and public transport operators in the UK and EU, we have developed an extensive skill set which can help you deliver the service you want.

We offer a wide range of business critical projects for our customers.

The cards below describe some of our core services but if you require specialist skills for a particular issue, then ‘click here’ and give us a brief outline of the project - if we can't help we probably know someone who can.


ACII - Automated Client Integration and Interaction

Delivering targeted information that allows you to know what your customers think - when they think it.

Hotspot System

Don't miss out on a mass of user data. No matter if you have an existing Wi-Fi system in place or are looking to deploy one, we can assist you in creating a Hotspot system that will allow you to gather valuable information from your guests as to their requirements.

Wi-Fi Systems

We have delivered Wi-Fi systems for the biggest players in the market. From simple data and voice to complex tracking solutions - we can design it all. No Wi-Fi system is too large (or too small) for us. We can fix your existing Wi-Fi system and link it with our sophisticated monitoring application to proactively ward off future outages or resolve those that occur quickly.

EDC - Event Data Collection module

This part of the platform can function equally as well if deployed as part of our main ACII solution or as a stand alone module. Imagine the possibilities for marketing if you could know the contact details of all the attendees at your events - well imagine no longer. Employing QR code technology makes it simple and fun for your delegates/guests/attendees to provide their details. Enables you to build a database of customers to whom you can target your marketing, improving the effectiveness of your marketing budget.

Software Development

Is your business desperate for a new management system which does exactly what you need? We can design and create software to support your business. Maybe you are just looking for small automation tools to accelerate tasks which take forever? Speak to us. We are happy to find a solution that suits your operations..

‘Hotkey’ Lead generation

Know what customers think in seconds. Our platform delivers user data in seconds to any destination.

Network Systems

Are you looking to expand or modernize your network infrastructure? Do you need more security in your business? We deliver professional network solutions that will efficiently support your business.

Why choose us?

We are a small dynamic team that delivers exactly what your business needs.

Our extensive experience in IT solution delivery and our commitment to your success is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We have only one mission – deliver solid IT solutions to better your business and support your success.

Marketing Solutions

Simple and non-invasive to install our data gathering software can deliver the information you want to know about your customers or guests.

Software Development

We write software and deploy network infrastructures. Both fields are closely tied allowing for enormous flexibility. As coders we can design and implement the specific tools that your business needs. We are not tied to software written by others. We aren’t resellers, we are inventors.

Wi-Fi and Network Infrastructure

As network infrastructure specialists we undertake to listen to you and understand your business. Then we will implement a bespoke network hardware platform that satisfies your requirements.


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Hotspot users registered


ACII actions triggered


Wireless surveys completed

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Are you already on board? Contact us now and we will be happy to support your business. Not confinced just yet? Keep reading.

ACII - Automated Client Integration and Interaction

Delivering targeted information that allows you to know what your customers think - when they think it.

Some of the key features:

  1. Our platform sits on top of your existing WiFi with no impact on your current service.
  2. Enables you to interact with your guests in real time.
  3. Fully customisable to get you the information you want to drive your business. - you determine the data that is gathered so that it is focused to your requirements.
  4. You pay only for the data you request.
  5. Deliver the data to the relevant person - your marketing manager will be alerted as soon as your guest submits the information. The data can also be sent to other key staff allowing you to fully maximise its impact.
  6. Fully GDPR compliant.

We are so confident in this system, we offer a one month free trial so that you can experience the benefits before you commit.

Contact us now to arrange your free trial.

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Lead and marketing intelligence generation

Target sector - Hospitality, Event and Retail.

Simple and non-invasive to install our data gathering software can deliver the information you need about your customers/guests.

We enable you to:
  • Put your best deals in front of the highest number of people.
  • Collect valuable marketing information - the information your marketing team require, not just generic names and email addresses.
  • Make targeted offers to those who have expressed an interest.
  • Develop your marketing database with high quality leads from customers/guests who have experienced your venue.

Significant is that you pay only for results.

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Software development

In today’s market, businesses without tailored automation tools remain behind the competition. Automation delivers speed and removes human error from standard business operations.

We listen to your requirements and design bespoke software that suits your needs perfectly. This software will free up the time your team spends generating reports or performing mundane tasks on a daily basis, and without mistakes. We believe in a simple rule - “If you need to perform a task more than once - automate it!”. We didn’t invent this ideology - it is followed by all organizations that stay in front of the competition.

Let us help you accelerate your success.

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Wi-Fi services

We have designed Wi-Fi systems for over 450 venues ranging from restaurants to massive shopping centers, train stations, hospitals and hotels.

Each Wi-Fi system we deploy is fully functional and provides complete RF signal coverage in all locations.

Our broad experience allows us to design wireless systems to support standard data communication, VoIP, and much more complex systems which support RTLS or other location tracking technologies like Cisco Hyperlocation Solution™ or Ruckus Smart Positioning Technology™.

We will listen to your requirements and select Wi-Fi equipment that works for you. Our designs are practical and cost efficient. Too often we see expensive Wi-Fi platforms deployed where only a fraction of the functionality is accessed. We believe in open collaboration with our customers to clearly define what functionality your venue needs and then help you select the best hardware platform to support it. Our extensive experience allows us to successfully deploy, maintain and monitor equipment manufactured by Cisco, Ruckus, Aruba, Ubiquiti, MikroTik and others…

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Hotspot system

Does your business maintain an interactive relationship with your customers/guests?

Our Hotspot system provides the means for you to profit indirectly from the free Wi-Fi services your business provides, by enabling you to build a database specific to your customers/guests. Our Hotspot system has registered over 3000 new users in businesses which use our services. Get access to your customers/guests data today and use their information to better your services and/or offer new products.

Our Hotspot system can be deployed on existing or new Wi-Fi systems. Call us to discuss your needs.

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Network services

Are you searching for clear information about network infrastructure that can fully support your business and allow you to grow it without a lag?

Maybe your business is expanding or moving to a new location. This might be a stressful time especially if your network infrastructure operations have to halt. Our vast experience in design, deployment, maintenance and monitoring will ensure your network infrastructure simply works without glitches.

We are experienced with all network hardware platforms. Rest assured we will help you choose a networking platform that suits your business without spending extra on functionality that your business simply doesn’t need.

Did you know that networking hardware comes with different firmware versions? Firmware with extended functionality can cost much more than the standard versions which ideally suit the majority of businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for quick answer to your questions? See section below. Maybe you will find something useful.

  • It depends on your requirements. Hotels often need less functionality than hospitals or shopping centres which use RTLS or other tracking technologies.

    We have designed, deployed and currently maintain Wi-Fi systems based on Ubiquiti which works really well even in the largest hotels.

    The cost of the Ubiquiti platform is threefold cheaper than that of Ruckus or Cisco. This is because Ubiquiti has less functionality than its competitors but most businesses simply don’t need more than Ubiquiti gives.

    We are experienced with all major wireless hardware platforms. These include but are not limited to Cisco, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, MikroTik, Aruba, and Meraki.

  • Yes, we can. We have successfully deployed Wi-Fi systems in outdoor adventure parks, train platforms, golf parks, marinas and parking centres. All wireless hardware manufacturers provide indoor and outdoor wireless access points which are weather resilient.

  • Our network monitoring station currently monitors over 7000 networking devices. No matter what type of networking device you have we can connect it to our network monitoring service.

  • Many companies deploy network or wireless infrastructure but do not manage/maintain it. If your business is not large enough to employ IT specialists, you might be stranded if it fails. Your business might come to a halt until the issue is resolved.

    Our monitoring services not only react when networking devices go offline but can also, in some cases, predict which network node will develop a fault and/or stop working. We can see when a networking device is generating too many errors which is an indication of an incoming outage.

  • Wireless survey is performed using sophisticated software and sensors in order to understand the RF environment throughout your venue. Many organizations decide to skip this step only to later pay dearly when newly deployed wireless infrastructure doesn’t work. We see this more and more when our wireless communication experts are called in to discover that very expensive wireless infrastructure has been deployed incorrectly.

    Our engineers perform wireless surveys with use of Ekahau software which is de facto standard used by BT, Vodafone, TalkTalk, SKY and others who are experts in wireless communications.

  • First we will sit down with you and your team and have a discussion about your requirements. We will listen and propose the best approach to support your business. We will ask you about the type of the operations you would expect your wireless network infrastructure to support. Data and voice over IP? No problem. RTLS and tracking? We are up for it. Don’t worry about technical aspects. We are very good at translating tech savvy into plain english.

    Next we will discuss type of the devices you would like to be supported. Simple Wi-Fi systems to support data communications are designed differently from those that should support RTLS or other tracking solutions.

    The next step is for our experienced wireless network engineer to attend your site and collect information about the current RF spectrum environment. We use this data to calculate SNR which defines the ratio of signal power to noise power. Our engineer will perform attenuation tests to understand how much RF signal is lost when traversing over different partition walls throughout your venue. Later our engineer will create wireless design and perform selective tests by placing wireless access points in specific locations to solidify design.

    Having collected all data our engineer will take pictures of locations where wireless access points are to be installed. These will be used in the next step where the engineer will write a detailed wireless survey report for our architects to peer review. When reviewed and accepted, the document will be provided to you. Members of our technical team will discuss the outcome of the wireless survey with you and then move to deployment.

  • This depends on the size of your venue and type of wireless connectivity your business requires.

    For example a large hotel with over 400 bedrooms and 7 floors where simple data connectivity is required will take approx 2 days to survey, 1 day to analyze data and write survey report, and up to 2 weeks to deploy. The process can be completed under 3 weeks.

    The same hotel with over 400 bedrooms and 7 floors but with a different Wi-Fi system specification where RTLS tracking services are needed would take 3 days to survey, 1 day to analyze data and write a report. Because wireless tracking systems are based on triangulation algorithms, more wireless access points will be required. To explain, one could say that from each location within the venue, a tracked device must be seen by 3 or more wireless access points for triangulation to work. This means that a larger number of wireless access points will be required to support wireless tracking solution. It is possible to deploy a wireless tracking system in 4-5 weeks.